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Hi, my name is Naomi and I am a racing driver from South Australia. Trophy Class winner in the 2012 Australian Saloon Car Series. I have been racing Holden Commodore Saloon Cars/Super Six Touring Cars since 2006. Thanks to Frank Walsh Drilling for their ongoing support. I hope you enjoy reading my race reports and updates.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

2015 Master of Mallala Series Round 4 - 21 November 2015

We weren't going to race again until 2016, but as things were looking up somewhat we decided to enter round 4. I was able to have a drive of Josh Kean's VT Commodore earlier in November and this confirmed that a couple of things weren't quite right in my VT. We were able to make some adjustments and then hit the track for practice on Friday. I was was still too slow on that day, but Craig & I were able to analyse and pinpoint some of where I was going wrong. Even though we didn't make it to the track until Friday afternoon, it was still definitely worthwhile. We got rid of the bad shudder that I thought was a misfire at the previous meeting, and the suspension changes made the car get out of the corners a lot better. One of the rear brake rotors developed a crack, but luckily we were able to source a new one and pick it up from the local distributor’s home after hours.

Saturday morning didn't start so well with someone reversing into our parked tow car at a service station. Once we got to Mallala, we fitted the new brake rotor and hit the track. I did a personal best lap time of 1:20.6745 in qualifying, and finished 2nd out of 4 Saloon Cars in race 1, wrapping it up with a 1:20.9209 on the final lap. These times immediately confirmed that the car is a lot better now, and I was driving it better than I have been.

I qualified 2nd out of the 4 Saloon Cars, finished 2nd in the first 3 races, and 3rd in the final race after messing up the start. After doing 3 of the 4 rounds in 2015 I finished 2nd in the late model points behind Luke Fraser, and 3rd overall.

On Sunday we went back to compete in the Track Time Motorsport Modern Regularity. This is an event where the aim is to be the most consistent.  The way it works is that you nominate a time that you think you can do consistently, then you gain 1 point for each 10th of a second over time or 2 points for each 10th of a second under for each lap. The driver with the lowest number of points wins. I nominated times that were a little faster than I thought I was going to do, then just went out and pushed hard. I wasn't aiming for consistency but I guess the fact that I have done a few thousand laps of this track helps. It's a great way to get some practice while adding a competitive element for a bit of fun.

We have done a couple of Modern Regularities now instead of practice days, and it's a great alternative because cars are grouped and sent out onto the track in speed order, so traffic problems are generally minimal. There's always a mixture of race cars, track cars, and road cars. On 22nd November there was a mix including our two Saloon Cars, a supercharged V8 VZ Commodore, some turbo Subarus and Skylines, and just about everything else you can think of including Excels and a Daewoo.

I qualified 3rd fastest out of 49 cars with a 1:20.78 (very close to my PB from the day before), 9/10ths off the fastest which was a WRX turbo. I won Heat 2 which was a bit of a surprise because I wasn't aiming for consistency, just trying to go as fast as possible. I ended up finishing 3rd overall for the day on consistency and I won the ladies' class for the day.

Big thanks to everyone who has helped us this year. I feel like I am now running where I should be and I can build on my lap times and improve further. For the first time, I feel that there is a lot more speed in the car and I'm confident that I can go faster.

Here's a video of race 2 from Saturday. Enjoy!

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