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Friday, April 07, 2006

Race report - Mallala, February 25 2006

Our first race meeting didn't quite go to plan, but it was a good learning experience.

I had suspected my tyres were getting past it after 3 practice days, and qualifying confirmed that - I went off the track on every lap! As I was being observed for my licence I was sure I wouldn't pass. Luckily they let me continue. The session was red flagged for a while so with that & the pit stops I had to do for the licence test, I didn't get many complete laps in.

We put a set of new tyres on for race one, and the crew chief Craig decided to change the brake pads as well. When I got on the track the tyres were great, but the brakes were terrible! I overshot the northern hairpin a couple of times before I realised the pads just weren't bedding in and the pedal was very spongy. I had to brake earlier than usual on the turns to stay on the track, and finished last by a long way! Craig put the original brakes back in for race 2, and they were good & the car felt great overall. Unfortunately I locked up the brakes part way through the race and flat spotted both front tyres quite badly. It felt like I was driving on square tyres for the rest of the race, but I tried to make the best of it & still got some ok laps. I was swearing at myself for a while afterwards - I'm not made of money and it was a complete waste of new tyres. I finished 6th out of 8.

We swapped the front & back tyres for race 3, and the flat spots weren't too noticeable that way. I got my fastest & most consistent laps during this race and was keeping up with the field better - that is until I got a meatball flag for leaking fuel. One of my trusty crew had cross-threaded the fuel cap after topping up the fuel between races. That was fixed & I got back out on the track just as the leaders were coming round to lap me. I let them go past, and managed to keep up with the faster cars ok. I finished the race a lap down but still with the rest of the field.

My licence was approved so I will be racing at the next meeting in May. The car is still straight too. The ruined tyres can probably go again (at least for practice) as they were not too bad on the back wheels.

Anyone want to sponsor me for some new tyres?


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walkom said...

kymg says well done on mallala

welldone on gaining your licence

good luck for next race